Strategy Needs Agility

Join us on Thursday, 19 January 2023 from 5-6 pm where our Thorben Sertler will show you how to implement agile strategies and help you reach your business goals.

January 19, 2023
February 1, 2023

You will learn:

📝 Tips on how to implement agile strategy into your organization

💡 Insight into how agility compliments sustainability

🔑 Expert advice on ways to incorporate agility to achieve your business goals

The world is a complex place, but its complexities should not get in the way of achieving your business goals. Implementing agility into your strategy is a tried and tested way to ensure goals are met and organizations can keep on track. Our next webinar with Thorben Serlter will show you how to implement agile strategies and help you reach your business goals.

As a consultant of the award-winning management consultancy venture.idea, Thorben combines several years of practical experience from various industries (including luxury goods, FMCG, film & media, mobility solutions) with scientifically-based methods to develop innovative solutions for sustainable business success.

He shares his insights on strategy, innovation and organizational agility from consulting and research in presentations at conferences and events.

Join us on 19 January 2023 from 5-6pm where you can learn about why agile strategies are the way of the future, and how you can apply the practice to ensure your organization stays on track and produces meaningful results.

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