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Mentessa empowers people and unites organizations through peer-to-peer know-how exchange - based on skills.

Welcome, Andrea! I will be your onboarding buddy.
Don't just communicate. Connect.

Bring everyone together. Even when they aren`t.

Remote work doesn't have to be a barrier, no matter what your community is about. We help you with every different way of people-to-people interactions - giving you the power to bring everyone together in one simple place.

You are allowing Hannah to find a mentor.

You are introducing Jonny to the community.

You are guiding Peter to the next career step.

You are helping Mira to find a match for a project.

You are supporting Jennifer to find a buddy.

You are assisting Don with peer feedback.

You are empowering Aisha to share her skills.

You are empowering Max to share his skills.

    Our Process

    How we connect your community.

    Mentessa eliminates barriers to employee success with guided mentoring, AI-enabled matching, and gamified incentivisation. Build a future-proof organization without additional admin effort.

    A portrait of a women in combination with a list that highlights her skills.
    About Andrea
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    UX Design
    Digital Collaboration
    Learning Python

    We can help you make people, their skills, and interests visible

    With Mentessa everyone gets a safe space to introduce themselves and get to know each other. We support the most authentic profiles - at any given time.


    So they can learn anything from anyone

    You and your community can discover the right person at the right time for everything from mentoring to brainstorming - or project collaboration.

    Succesful matches made 🥳 🎉

    This way, you and your community grow together

    Helping unites. Sharing skills, supporting others, frequent interactions - on purpose or serendipitously -  forge the sense of connection and loyalty.

    Your Benefits

    We do all the work for you

    No more excel sheets
    Get all your community data, live and safe, in one simple place
    Scales to 100%
    Win back your time. Fully automated. No content, no admin work.
    The best onboarding
    Ensure everyone gets the best possible start in your organization.
    From the best experts
    100+ communities. Corporates, NGOs and startups. We know what works.
    Learn more about us.

    We can help you, too.

    With Mentessa we provide unique opportunities in terms of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation for all our stakeholders.
    A portrait of the client.

    Robert Kelemen

    Marketing Manager
    Deutsche Telekom
    Mentessa scales to 100% of our employees, makes them happy every day, with no additional effort on our side.
    A portrait of the client.

    Evica Kuc

    OTP Bank
    Exactly the right technology for our community of mentors. We can use the intuitive platform to network the founders of tomorrow with the right experts. That saves us a lot of work and makes us very efficient.
    A portrait of the client.

    Sophia Kuhl

    HHL Digital Space
    Both the preliminary work and the implementation were very professional and we look forward to further cooperation.
    A portrait of the client.

    Stefan Loibl

    Great tool! Happy customer!
    A portrait of the client.

    Benjamin Bauer


    Work is broken. But we can fix it.

    Separated, we don’t thrive. Together, we can change the world. Mentoring unites. Bring your organization together with an internal skill-matching talent marketplace and prepare for the future.