Build a connected

learning culture with Mentessa

Are you tired of trying to bring people together in the distributed workplace? Is it hard for you to retain engagement? Are you losing your high-performers? Choose Mentessa and unlock the true potential of your employees with collaborative learning for mentoring, onboarding, upskilling solutions and a culture of life-long learning.

Less work, more growth!


Foster continuous learning

‍in an ever-changing world

Create a collaborative culture that engages and retains employees. Know-how and automation help streamline processes, while accelerated onboarding ensures new hires get to productivity faster. Plus, you can connect people for learning & work and organize continuous learning in an ever-changing world. By building a culture of life-long learning and upskilling, your organization will succeed no matter the challenges it faces.


Create a connected learning culture where people feel belonging from onboarding through retirement

Mentessa is focused on creating a collaborative culture that increases engagement and retention. The know-how and automation of processes accelerates employee onboarding, and makes it easy to connect people for learning & collaboration, as well as organizing continuous learning in a distributed environment. Mentessa’s goal is to help you build a culture of life-long learning where everybody can upskill themselves quickly. It offers a unique approach to onboarding new hires faster than other solutions on the market.

Better-distributed company culture

Grow the connection and collaboration of your distributed teams to ensure higher productivity and an improved distributed company culture.

Forge a sense of belonging

Cultivate a sense of purpose and belonging in your organization. Transform the diversity and inclusion in your company’s culture.

Create a connected learning culture

Mentessa is the first step into a new learning culture, the foundation of a safe space where ideas can flow without psychological distress, where people thrive, and questions are more than welcome.

Robert Kelemen

Deutsche Telekom

“With Mentessa, we provide unique opportunities in terms of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation for all our stakeholders.”


Accelerate your onboarding and jump faster into productivity with your new hires

Mentessa offers a social onboarding experience with a collaborative learning platform that helps people learn from each other, rather than from content. Video training and processes are necessary and efficient, but they don’t connect people and help one understand the company culture as fast as with peer-to-peer exchange. Mentessa helps both – build skills and bonds – with an employee directory, onboarding buddies, and automated skills matching.

Social onboarding experience

Transform employee onboarding by giving new hires a human welcome and speeding up their productivity. Find a buddy to guide them through the onboarding with our onboarding matching.

Quicker and more efficient onboarding

Sharpen the onboarding process so that your employees learn more and understand things faster. Jump faster to productivity.

Faster time to productivity

Transform the onboarding process and improve its efficiency by matching your new employee with an onboarding buddy. Improve productivity without leaving any needs of your employees behind.

Attract better applicants

Sharpen the quality of your applicants. Save time in the application phase and onboard new hires faster.

Evica Kuc

OTP Bank

“Mentessa scales to 100% of our employees, makes them happy every day, with no additional effort on our side.”


Happier and better enabled employees from onboarding through the entire employee lifecycle

Mentessa allows team members to utilize their skills at any time and to learn new ones, which results in better collaboration, communication, and productivity. The goal is to build a connected learning culture that increases engagement and retention, creating a collaborative environment where people feel belonging and are enabled.
Happier and better enabled employees

We forge an organizational culture that values cooperation and encourages employees to reach their full potential. This enables the employees to be happier and reach higher goals.

Understand the true needs of your workforce

Mentessa offers insights into the needs of your employees with data and expertise. Grow employee engagement and retention with data insights.

Help employees feel like they belong

With Mentessa, you can make everyone feel at ease, and like they belong. By building a distributed company culture, implement a culture of belonging.

Sophia Kuhl

HHL Digital Space

“Exactly the right technology for our community of mentors. We can use the intuitive platform to connect the founders of tomorrow with the right experts. That saves us a lot of work and makes us very efficient.”


Unlock the collective expertise of your organization

Mentessa offers an engaging and streamlined approach to organizational onboarding and development. With automated processes, Mentessa is designed to provide a more efficient and productive environment for organizations. Furthermore, it encourages learning & growth by connection.
More attractive employer

Transform your organization into an attractive employer where people would love to work. An employer that caters to its workforce's needs.

Better leaders

Sharpen your leaders' skills and unlock the collective expertise of your leadership.

Quickly respond to demands

Transform your organization into a workplace of connected high performers. Improve the problem-solving skills within your organization.

Speed up to productivity

Unleash the feeling of self-efficacy in your organization. Unlock more time for high-priority tasks.

Benjamin Bauer


“Great tool! Happy customer!”


Transform your workplace into a learning culture of lifelong learning

Mentessa provides an engaging platform for life-long learning and upskilling. With powerful automation processes and personalized recommendations, Mentessa offers a unique experience that encourages learning and growth.

Culture of lifelong learning

Build a culture of lifelong learning in your organization. Even with distributed and diverse teams.

Save time and resources

Mentessa offers insights into the needs of your employees with data and expertise. Grow employee engagement and retention with data insights.

Improve Learning Development

Sharpen the learning of your employees by enabling independent learners to feel responsible for their own development. Mentessa does not only build new learning methods, but also improves learning from formal training, keeping employee engagement high.

Stefan Loibl


“Both the preliminary work and the implementation were very professional and we look forward to further cooperation.”

Are you ready for the future of work?

The world is changing. Prepare for the unknown by digitally upskilling your talent. Mentessa gives you an engaging platform for sustainable and seamless mentorship, effective onboarding, and retention.

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