Learning as a culture
Based on skills. Powered by AI.

With Mentessa's award-winning AI platform for learning & collaboration based on skills

How it works for you
and your organization

Effectively onboarding new hires can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks for an employer. In order to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, and also give new employees the right orientation, Mentessa has developed an onboarding platform with a strategic framework for know-how exchange and connection in distributed workplaces. With an onboarding buddy, a dedicated onboarding diary, workplace rituals, and gamification, your new hires will be up to speed in no time. And in a world where work happens fast, this is essential to your organization. Additionally, Mentessa’s online onboarding software provides businesses access to valuable insights regarding each employee’s journey in getting fully up-to-speed in terms of skill set, enhancement, and knowledge sharing. This enables organizations to quickly pivot in order to better cater to every employee’s specific needs.


Set up introductions

Welcome new hires with targeted introductions to team members, and match them with onboarding buddies, mentors, or culture ambassadors through an automated process.

  • Set frequency
  • View type of contacts
  • Set duration of match

Match with an onboarding mentor

Match new hires with their onboarding mentor and quickly establish a line of connection to help set transparent goals and expectations, provide timely feedback, and most importantly, create a human connection for your remote team members.

  • Transparent goals
  • Timely feedback
  • Human connection

Empower your employees from day 1

Empower your employees from their first day by providing them easy access to the entire community for help on anything they need, and enable them to get to know other new hires at the same time. And rather than tell your employees what the culture is about, let them learn and experience it through peer connections.

  • Access entire community for help
  • Get to know other new hires
  • Learn about the culture from peers

Bring everyone together. Even when they aren't.

A connected learning culture is essential for productivity, innovation, and employee retention. Remote work doesn't need to be a barrier. Mentessa leverages the power of peer learning to make connection and know-how exchange an integral part of the employee journey.

You are allowing Hannah to find a mentor.

You are introducing Jonny to the community.

You are guiding Peter to the next career step.

You are helping Mira to find a match for a project.

You are supporting Jennifer to find a buddy.

You are assisting Don with peer feedback.

You are empowering Aisha to share her skills.

You are empowering Max to share his skills.

    Unleash the power
    of your people

    With an internal skills exchange, people workflow automation, and built-in best practice templates you can launch any type of program in minutes, instead in months! Unlock a culture of connection and collaboration by purposely managing relationships between employees - based on their current employee journey and needs - from onboarding, through matching, accountability, feedback, and evaluation. Lean on our comprehensive framework that helps people actually learn and work together based on skills - all inclusive and ready to use.

    A portrait of a women in combination with a list that highlights her skills.
    About Andrea
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    UX Design
    Digital Collaboration
    Learning Python

    Forge a sense of
    community and belonging

    Make employees and their skills visible and discoverable from day 1 with Mentessa's integrated talent pool, the "Skills exchange". Help them share more about what they know and want to learn with regular skills nudging and feedback. Create comprehensive skills profiles in safe space without content, moderation, and unauthentic positioning using the power of the question: "What can you teach your peers?"


    Create a quick link to the right skills at the right time

    If employees are looking for feedback, a code review, or a mentor, with Mentessa they can find the right person at the right time - easily and efficiently. With built-in processes they can request a match - instantly and independently, or use automated "Rituals" and questionnaires to get connected automatically.

    Succesful matches made 🥳 🎉

    Discover true talents and needs of your team

    With Mentessa you can evaluate the current skillset of your employees - based on the skills in their profiles (supply) and their match requests (demand) - accurately and automatically. Get honest data about your employees’ hidden skills through regular skills nudging, self- and peer evaluation, powered by AI.

    We do all the work
    for you

    Easy start
    Launch and onboard all your users in a matter of days, not months. Stay flexible with multiple invite options and integrations.
    No more excel sheets
    Collect and safely store all your people data in one simple place.
    Scales to 100%
    Win back your time. We handle all your admin chores so that everyone can learn the best.
    Built-in know-how
    Get started with our fully defined mentoring, onboarding, offboarding, or upskilling program automations.
    Removing barriers for know-how exchange and collaboration within an organization is the first step to building a connected learning culture where everybody thrives. Transform your workforce into a community with Mentessa and unlock true change and connection!

    Why people leaders choose Mentessa

    With Mentessa we provide unique opportunities in terms of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation for all our stakeholders.
    A portrait of the client.

    Robert Kelemen

    Marketing Manager
    Deutsche Telekom
    Mentessa scales to 100% of our employees, makes them happy every day, with no additional effort on our side.
    A portrait of the client.

    Evica Kuc

    OTP Bank
    Exactly the right technology for our community of mentors. We can use the intuitive platform to network the founders of tomorrow with the right experts. That saves us a lot of work and makes us very efficient.
    A portrait of the client.

    Sophia Kuhl

    HHL Digital Space
    Both the preliminary work and the implementation were very professional and we look forward to further cooperation.
    A portrait of the client.

    Stefan Loibl


    Let us show you how it works!

    The world is changing. Prepare for the unknown by digitally upskilling your talent. Mentessa gives you an engaging platform for sustainable and seamless mentorship, onboarding, and retention. Do you want to get ready for the biggest digital business transformation?

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    From chat to story thanks to generative AI: Mentessa announces smart mentor at work
    The AI-based peer learning platform accompanies employees on their journey from onboarding to retirement with the right expert at the right time.‍ Mentessa.ai relies on generative AI to adopt the "story" of each employee as a context for individual tips for networking and further developing their skills.‍ Unlike ChatGPT, the skill-based platform also leverages novel knowledge that other models don't have access to - the informal knowledge in people's minds.