Mentessa for Communities

Welcome. Connect. Engage.

Mentessa is the #1 community platform for purpose-driven online communities. Our platform enables members to work seamlessly and faster towards purposeful goals.

Forget about content. Engage your members with purposeful 1:1 networking.
Foster belonging through visibility and exchange. Don't just communicate: connect.
Free up resources and reduce community administration with automated matching.

How it works for you
and your organization

Increase loyalty and engagement with visibility and mentoring. Connect your community for peer-to-peer collaboration and enable members to achieve both personal and organizational goals.


Bring everyone together on one easy platform

  • Fully branded and integrated
  • Built-in messaging
  • No installation required

Introduce newcomers and get them a buddy for onboarding

  • Activate skills from day 1
  • Blackboard announcements
  • Built-in privacy and abuse protection

Connect and match your community automatically

  • Skills matching
  • Automated Rituals
  • Scale, without the admin work

How it works for
your members

Make sure they maintain engagement and meet new people to collaborate with and learn from, and help them foster the real meaning of community

Empower members to find peers based on location or availability

Helps you meet new people to learn from, collaborate with, or give a hand to

Maintain engagement with peer-to-peer exchange and connection

your Benefits

Activate your community

Helping unites

Automate intros and matching without the extra effort or resources.

Organize everything

Manage everything from applications to memberships online.

Keep an overview

Let everyone take care of their data - all in one place.

Start for free

Your features

Fully integrated
with your website

Mentessa easily integrates with your existing tools. Get started within minutes. No growing pains; your community scales as you do. Plug & play.

Human-moderated onboarding
Built for diverse talent
Automated workflows
Smart skill matching
Structured guidance
Regular feedback
Gamified mentorship
Guaranteed engagement
People analytics
Easy login with SSO
Engaging UX
GDPR compliant
Safe and secure

Do more than just communicate. Connect.

The world is changing. Prepare for the unknown by digitally upskilling your talent. Mentessa gives you an engaging platform for sustainable and seamless mentorship, onboarding, and retention. Do you want to get ready for the biggest digital business transformation?