Mentessa For Good
Empowering Those Who Empower

The Mentessa For Good initiative supports non-profit organizations and communities that empower others and connects people for learning opportunities.

By connecting people to learn from each other and grow together, Mentessa For Good enables members to work seamlessly and faster towards purposeful goals.

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the Program

Mentessa for Good is an initiative supporting non-profits and social enterprises in building better and more efficient communities, so they can focus on making a difference.

Far too often, NGOs have limited resources and get caught up in processes and communication, distracting from the overall goal. Mentessa For Good aims to streamline the process by connecting people for know-how exchange and helping you build better networks and communities.

Our initiative is available to organizations working to help others with learning opportunities and community empowerment, and offers three positions per year. Mentessa For Good easily integrates with your existing tools, meaning you can get started within minutes.


We offer our software for free to eligible organizations that have a remote or decentralized structure.

More Time for You

Bring your people together, so you can focus on what matters.

A Stronger Community

Connect your community for purpose-driven exchange and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

No Hidden Costs

We offer a transparent pricing structure.

Easy Setup

Bring new users on board with ease.

Get Support

Our Social Media team will support you
while in the program

It’s Free. Forever.

Once accepted into our program, you can use Mentessa for as long as you like.

Application Criteria

Applying for the initiative is easy. If you want to bring your organization together for know-how exchange, please review the criteria and our team will connect with you once we’ve received your application.


Early-stage NGOs whose primary focus is community building


We only accept NGOs three years old or younger


This initiative has no borders; NGOs from anywhere can apply.

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