Mentessa for Agile organization

Stay flexible, but organized

Empower employees for interdisciplinary collaboration - efficiently and effectively - also remotely.

Connect and increase productivity for knowledge workers
Make your teams more responsive by offering gamification
Increase moral among teams by offering upskilling

How it works for you and your organization

Rapid learning and decision-making cycles are vital for agile organizations. Connect your employees via authentic networking


Set up an internal talent marketplace

  • Search and filter skills
  • Book appointments
  • Integrations

Endorse people for skills and projects

  • Guided feedback after each session
  • Strength-based
  • Badges and statistics

Empower everyone to collaborate on anything

  • Beyond teams
  • Beyond hierarchy
your Benefits

Build a future-proof organization without additional admin effort.

Scale - without the admin work.

Your features

Built to fit your stack

Thanks to our algorithms you don't need to do anything else. Just sit back and watch your community building - no content, no moderation needed.

For growing & established organizations
Launch in days

Work is broken. But we can fix it.

Separated, we don’t thrive. Together, we can change the world. Mentoring unites. Bring your organization together with an internal skill-matching talent marketplace and prepare for the future.