Mentessa for Enterprises

Connect. Empower. Transform.

Mentessa is a skills marketplace for peer-to-peer know-how exchange and collaboration - based on skills.

Connect employees - to meet, learn, and grow together.
Empower know-how exchange and silo-free collaboration - based on skills.
Transform your organization with upskilling.
Analyze the skill set and close gaps with automated matching.

How it works for you and your organization

Stop guessing what your employees can or need. Invite them to a peer-to-peer exchange to discover and develop their skills.


We setup the platform for you

  • Fully branded
  • Integrated with your tools
  • Start in days

Invite and match your employees

  • Automated rituals
  • With or without registration
  • GDPR compliant

Transform your workforce into a community

  • Skills matching
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Gamified incentives

How it works for your employees

Thanks to our algorithms you don't need to do anything else. Just sit back and watch your community building - no content, no moderation needed.

Empower employees to manage skills and career goals in one simple place.

Help find the right people at the right time to learn, innovate and stand out.

Develop your talent's full potential with the power of peer-to-peer exchange and structured guidance.

your Benefits

Faster inclusion and belonging

Help unites

Empower employees to manage skills and career goals in one simple place.

Keep an overview

Empower employees to manage skills and career goals in one simple place.


Scale mentoring to 100% of the workforce with built-in guidance and process automation.

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Your features

GDPR-compliant and ready to go

Mentessa is compliant with GDPR-regulations. Diverse use cases possible. For internal and external users, too. Made in Germany!

Safe and secure
Hosted in the Deutsche Telekom Cloud
Live skills analytics
Built for experience
On all devices
No installation required
Easy login with SSO
Guaranteed engagement
Smart skill matching
Automated networking
Structured guidance
Regular feedback
Gamified mentorship

Get ready for the future of work.

The world is changing. Prepare for the unknown by upskilling your talent. Mentessa gives you an engaging platform for sustainable and seamless mentorship, onboarding, and retention. Are you ready for the future of work?"