Mentessa for Startups

Welcome. Integrate. Innovate.

Mentessa will help you foster a truly inclusive and collaborative environment where your team can grow as fast as your business. Our peer-to-peer learning platform will close the gaps of rapidly outdated processes, human bias, and help everyone understand your culture.

Welcome new hires with buddies, mentors, peers and human-moderated onboarding that fits an ever-changing world.
Maintain your startup culture even when rapidly growing by creating bonds between people for learning, fun, or anything else.
Transform your organization with upskilling.
Retain your top talent through mentoring opportunities, relationships, and proven tactics for engagement and development.

How it works for you
and your startup culture

There is no denying that remote work is here to stay, and we have to adapt in order to remain relevant.
Stop wasting time struggling to connect your talent, and let us do the work to help them bond.


Works the way
your startup works

  • Fully customizable
  • Integrates with your tools
  • Launch in days, not months

Connect and match your employees automatically

  • With proven strategy templates
  • A fully guided experience
  • Powered by AI to reduce the issue of bias

Build a connected learning culture

  • Proven workplace rituals
  • Automated skills matching
  • Gamified incentives

How it works
for your employees

Whether it is for onboarding people faster or developing leaders, with the power of peer learning, you will save time while achieving more.

Empower employees to manage skills, connect, and set career goals in one simple place

Find the right people to learn from, collaborate with, and build a team of agile leaders

Develop your talent's full potential with the power of mentoring, upskilling, and structured guidance from the experts on your team

your Benefits

Onboard faster and
maintain engagement

Peer Learning

Give new and experienced talent the gift of peer learning and human connection, even in decentralized environments.

Empower talent

Empower your talent to manage their skills and career goals in one place. Discover their hidden skills.

Process Automation

Reduce admin work to zero. Create opportunities for everyone with built-in guidance and process automation.

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Your features

Built to fit
your stack

Mentessa easily integrates with your existing tools. Get started within a few days. No growing pains; your community scales as you do. Plug & play.

Human-moderated onboarding
Built for diverse talent
Automated workflows
Smart skills matching
Structured guidance
Regular feedback
Gamified mentorship
Guaranteed engagement
People analytics
Easy login with SSO
Engaging UX
Safe and secure

Do more than just communicate. Connect.

The world is changing. Prepare for the unknown by digitally upskilling your talent. Mentessa gives you an engaging platform for sustainable and seamless mentorship, onboarding, and retention. Do you want to get ready for the biggest digital business transformation?