Mentessa for Startups

Welcome. Integrate. Innovate.

Mentessa is a peer-to-peer mentoring & skill-sharing platform that unites your organization.

Connect employees - to meet, learn, and grow together.
Empower know-how exchange and silo-free collaboration - based on skills.
Transform your organization with upskilling.
Analyze the skill set and close gaps with automated matching.

How it works for you and your startup

Stop struggling to connect your workforce in a remote era. Start bonding.


Works the way you work

  • Fully branded
  • Integrated with your tools
  • Start in days

Connect and match your employees automatically

  • With or without app
  • Slack integration
  • Powered by AI

Transform your workforce into a community

  • Automated Rituals
  • Skills matching
  • Gamified incentives

How it works for your employees

Whether it is for learning a new skill or finding the best person to collaborate with, save time and do more.

Empower employees to manage skills and career goals in one simple place.

Help find the right people at the right time to learn, innovate and stand out.

Develop your talent's full potential with the power of mentoring.

your Benefits

Onboard faster and maintain engagement

Help unites

Connect your new talent with your top talent for a seamless knowledge-sharing flow.

Make it fun

Maintain high levels of engagement with gamification and no posting or sharing requirements.


Strengthen your internal network.

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Your features

Built to fit your stack

Mentessa easily integrates with your existing tools. Get started within a few days. No growing pains; your community scales as you do. Plug & play.

Human-moderated onboarding
Built for diverse talent
Automated workflows
Smart skill matching
Structured guidance
Regular feedback
Gamified mentorship
Guaranteed engagement
People analytics
Easy login with SSO
Engaging UX
Safe and secure

Do more than just communicate. Connect.

The world is changing. Stay flexible with human-moderated onboarding, learn fast with peer mentoring, and retain belonging and engagement with supreme employee experience. Want to make the world a better place? Start with your workplace.