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Having a mentor is a pillar in the path to both career and personal growth. Match and guide people for high-impact mentoring and know-how exchange - without the time-consuming admin work.

Your mentoring and learning program - fully digital
Allows for structured guidance, feedback, and accountability
"Mentor of the Month" reports and badges

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Give new and experienced talent the gift of learning from each other. This allows your experienced talent to feel acknowledged, and your new talent to feel safe in their learning.


Set up a program

  • Matching questionnaire
  • Frequency
  • Duration

Scale to 100% with built-in workflows

  • Structured guidance & notifications
  • Reminders and feedback survey
  • Accountability through "Mentor Diary"

Reward and learn from the best

  • "Mentor of the Month" reports
  • Mentoring program statistics
  • Built-in templates, enhanced with AI
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Give new and experienced talent the gift of learning from each other

Scale - without the admin work.

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The world is changing. Prepare for the unknown by digitally upskilling your talent. Mentessa gives you an engaging platform for sustainable and seamless mentorship, onboarding, and retention. Do you want to get ready for the biggest digital business transformation?