Mentoring is the new collaboration!

Work is not about checking boxes, running processes, or climbing the career ladder. The purpose of organizations is to bring people together so they can learn from each other, grow, innovate, and solve meaningful problems. Together, we can grow faster and better.

With Mentessa we make purpose work - for equal opportunities for everyone in the workplace.

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WE are Mentessa

A team of mentors

Community is where Mentessa works, too. Meet our diverse team.

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From hierarchies to networks and from outsiders into insiders

We are a team with uniquely diverse backgrounds, including immigrants, women in tech, high-potentials, nerds, young parents, singles, married couples, and entrepreneurs. We have experienced it all and have found that labels tend to build barriers to whom we meet, what mentors we get, and how we grow. And we want to change this.

The Story behind Mentessa

Learn how it all started. Step by step towards where the future works.


An idea was born

Tina had spent years as both a mentor and a mentee, and it was an experience in her last job that gave birth to the idea of Mentessa. Being faced with the challenge of connecting entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and changing needs in a mentoring program, she realized the need for a solution.


Mentessa was founded

Tina quits her job and joins Wayra Germany, the innovation hub by Telefonica. Mentessa graduates from the Founder Institute in Munich and wins its first customers and awards. Its first birthday party is canceled because of the pandemic.


Growing the vision

The new world of work makes it clear that knowledge exchange and meaningful connection are not just for mentoring programs. Mentessa is selected by NASDAQ Milestone Makers - as one of 10 impact startups that strive to create equal opportunities for everyone in the workplace (SDGs 8, 9, 10, 11).


Where we are today

Today, Mentessa operates on three continents, with global customers from corporate HR to NGOs. Where the future works.

OUR Investors

The People backing us

We are backed by investors from Sofia to Leipzig. Like us they are committed to building a better future of work.

Eleven Ventures
Eleven Ventures is one of the leading early-stage VC from Southeast Europe.
... and Angel Backing
Founder Institute
Founder Institute is the world's most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses.

Make Purpose Work


We are Mentessa: a team with uniquely diverse backgrounds. As women in tech, immigrants, high-potentials, young parents, and entrepreneurs, we have been part of numerous communities, networks, mentoring programs, and the German start-up ecosystem for 10 over years now. As employees of the largest German companies, we have experienced it all – lack of diversity, human bias, and insufficient collaboration!

We know:

Diversity at the workplace is not just a Sustainable Development Goal, it is the future of work.

And also:

In a platform economy value is created and distributed through social networks (not social media!) – live & online.

Our mission?

Remove boundaries to knowledge exchange for a world of work that is both high-tech and high-human.

Our idea?

Simple – use the power of communities to scale the benefits of mentoring to 100% of talent:

For knowledge transfer between generations
For equal career opportunities beyond gender
For closing the skills gap through individual guidance
For real human connection despite work from home in hybrid teams
For a strong economy through silo-free innovation and a collaborative culture

It’s a small step for companies, but a huge one for the #futureofwork.

If you find this vision appealing and are looking to expand your portfolio with an exceptionally driven team building a customer-centered product in the growing market of transformation of work and employee experience, we would love to meet you.

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