Brave New Work: How to Detoxify Your Work Environment

In this webinar, our guest discusses the concept of New Work and how to rid your workplace of toxic elements that work against the transformation process.

November 4, 2022
November 15, 2022

For over two decades, Ineke worked as a developer, portfolio manager, and global marketing strategist for Siemens. She is currently at Atos, a global IT powerhouse with roots in Europe.

Since 2013 Ineke has also been dedicated to inspiring and motivating students to improve their chances in the market, specifically in the areas of IT Governance, Organizational Behaviour, and Intercultural Communication.

In addition, she is also a distinguished member of Toastmasters, a leading global organization for leadership and communications. Having held various leadership offices, she is now focused on mentoring and coaching.

Currently, Ineke is responsible for the Marketing and Communications function for Atos Central Europe, as well as an avid advocate for all things concerning employee experience and the future of work - aka Brave New Work.

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