What are Mentessa’s Rituals?

Rituals improve learning through social connection and unlock the tacit knowledge of your organization.


Rituals are a guided program to create structured company interactions, with the intention of fostering know-how exchange, onboarding new hires faster, and creating connections with colleagues. Rituals refer to automated people-to-people workflows that can be intended for upskilling, or simply for an informal coffee chat to balance out isolation in distributed workplaces. Their goal is to make connecting with others fun and effort-free, laying the foundation of a connected learning culture. Moreover, they are fully customizable for languages, schedules, and algorithms.

How do rituals work?

‍Every ritual is described with three key elements: 

  1. Schedule

The schedule of a ritual refers to the frequency and the time when the ritual takes place, e.g. weekly, biweekly or monthly at the preferred day and time. As an admin you can state the frequency of a ritual under the tab “Rituals” in your settings area. 

  1. Algorithm

The algorithm is the way people are matched, e.g. for similarity or difference, for skills or random. 

  1.  Set of emails

Each ritual comes with a set of automated emails that guide participants in the process, e.g. with reminders, explanation etc. The set of emails include: invites, reminders, appointments and feedback emails. 

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