How to post news and videos on Mentessa?

In order to post news and videos on your community, click on “Add video” under the Resources section and “Add news” under the News section.

As an admin you can post videos and news on your community. All members of your community will get notifications at the end of the day in case of new content.

How does it work?

  1. Add videos

In order to post a video, go to the Resources section and click on “Add video” on the right upper corner. You can also go to the Videos tab in your settings area and click on “Add video”.

Next, add a video by assigning it a title and pasting the video’s link.

Finally, click on “Add Video”. You can always find your videos in the Resources section.

  1. Add news 

In order to post news, go to your Community news in the News section and click on the right upper button “Add News”.

Next, assign a title and description to your news. Lastly, click on “Publish”.

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