How to integrate Mentessa with Discord?

In order to integrate Mentessa with Discord, the toggle “Enable Server Widget” has to be active in your Discord settings.

Why integrate Mentessa with Discord?

‍Mentessa integrated with Discord enables a better connected experience between employees in your organization. On the one hand, Mentessa provides you a collaborative learning platform which empowers employees to learn and work together based on skills and informal exchange. On the other hand, Discord provides you an innovative discussion platform based on formal exchange and content.

‍How does Mentessa compliment Discord?

‍Thus, both nicely compliment each other. Mentessa helps your employees to connect with each other when they don´t know how to reach out yet or are not comfortable asking questions in a group. In contrast, Discord focuses on creating content and helps people to connect with each other in a more direct way. Therefore both help you solve the problem of connectivity in your company.

‍How to integrate Mentessa with Discord?

‍In order to integrate Mentessa with Discord, go to your Discord settings and select Widget on the left.

Press the toggle to enable the server widget.

Next, copy the server ID and send it to your Mentessa administrator.

In this video we show you the step by step process.

How does the Discord widget work?

Once your Mentessa admin has added the Server ID to your Mentessa community you and your users will be able to access your Discord server directly from there.

Once you select a channel in the Discord server settings, an invite link will be generated with the widget. The widget enables to show voice channels available on the server and online members. It also provides a “Join Server” button that allows you to join directly to the server. However, you can’t interact with the channels or active members through the widget, but it forwards you to the corresponding places in Discord in a separate tab once you click.

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