How to enroll in Rituals?

There are currently two ways to enroll in a ritual: you can enroll via email or enroll directly through your “Rituals” tab by clicking on “Enroll”.

How does it work?

1. First, your admin has to set up and enable one of the preloaded default rituals on your community. If you want to learn more about how to activate a ritual as an admin please check the article “How to activate a ritual and invite participants?”.

2. Enabling a ritual can trigger an email invitation to all active members from your community to enroll.

3. Upon clicking on “Enroll Now” matching within the ritual can start based on the corresponding set of rules – be it a regular coffee chat with random matches (Happy Hour) or a skills matching program based on predefined development goals.

4. Another way to manually enroll in a ritual is through the tab “Rituals”. There you can enroll by clicking on “Enroll” under the selected ritual.

‍5. If you no longer want to participate in a ritual, you can always leave the ritual by clicking on “Leave ritual”.

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