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For both companies and employees, knowing which skills are needed to be prepared for the modern work environment is essential. However, tracking competencies is tedious, time-consuming, and the results are often too generic. Specific methods, aspects, and experiences linked to the skills are often unknown. This leads to silos, productivity losses, and frustration on all sides.

With the Mentessa app, you can close these knowledge gaps in a playful way, gaining insights that truly advance you.


How it works for you and

and your organization

Based on the McKinsey Future Skills Framework, we developed a unique app to identify existing skills, knowledge gaps, and potentials using AI technology. Employees capture their skills, experiences, and goals through short challenges. The evaluation provides them with comprehensive, individual competency profiles with insights and recommendations. Organizations gain a dynamic map of organizational knowledge.

Use these insights for strategic workforce planning, breaking down silos, and training programs. Integrate the app directly with our learning platform to maximize your opportunities.


Download & Register

Your employees only need the app on their smartphones and an interface to your company, be it by connecting through our platform or with a special code. 


Getting to know your skills with challenges

Challenges are interactive questionnaires to capture competencies, experiences, goals, and personality traits. Different questioning techniques and perspectives provide a 360° view. Thanks to gamification, there is no boredom.


Your benefits as an organization

Find out what your company actually knows and where it can still improve. Connect the app to our platform and have the competency map of your workforce provided as a live dashboard.


Your benefits as an employee

Through completing the challenges, employees receive their personal competency profile with detailed insights into strengths, weaknesses, and undiscovered potentials. This knowledge empowers them them to better steer their careers, make themselves visible as experts, and initiate changes.


Skill assessment

never was so easy

Scale – without the admin work.

Seamlessly integrated

in your IT and HR infrastructure

Thanks to our algorithms, you don’t have to worry about anything further. Just sit back. Your community grows by itself – without content and without moderation.

Are you ready for the future of work?

The world is changing. Prepare for the unknown by digitally upskilling your talent. Mentessa gives you an engaging platform for sustainable and seamless mentorship, effective onboarding, and retention.

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