Introducing Mentessa

With a new look, Mentessa launches the next chapter of helping organizations unlock human potential by building a connected culture.

Introducing Mentessa

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report disengagement costs the global economy $7.8 trillion in lost productivity every year. In today’s global competition, this means an express ride to the graveyard of corporate calamities.

Unless, you would figure out how to create a connected culture where everyone thrives – despite WFH, unprecedented flexibility, and a global war for talent that makes leaving just so easy.

Unfortunately, the challenge of building bonds is not easy. And it has exacerbated through the pandemic. Digital chats and video calls have replaced human conversations. Work teams are often in a state of flux, with members coming and going. Leaders face new challenges that can be managed only by building an inclusive culture.

But how can you build a culture in state of constant change, in a state of hypertransformation? Scale-ups and multinationals struggle to adapt. They need help.

The answer is a new organisational model – empowering everyone to maximise their own potential.

Decentralised. Inclusive. Hyperdynamic. This is the future of work.

While the obstacles may be new, humans still need common goals, shared experiences, and a sense of purpose and belonging. Talents still need care and support to flourish. So in the distorted landscape of our virtual workplaces, we need to renovate our relationships urgently. By rebuilding them with these fundamental values in mind, we can create teams that are even stronger than before. Passionate about their work and committed to each other. Teams that can weather any storm.

What this means for our customers?

Mentessa bridges the gap between people and skills, helping you unlock hidden potential within your organization. Smash silos of expertise that limit success— be it customer experience or go-to-market effectiveness—and bask in a newfound transparency and swift decision making.

With Mentessa’s help, make sure nothing is standing in the way of collaboration:

  • empower each and everyone to maximise their potential
  • reach for higher levels productivity & efficiency;
  • deliver exemplary products & services;
  • ensure top notch employee engagement
  • and all so as to create an unstoppable team culture!

It’s Learning by Connecting

Learning by connecting is a new approach to learning at work that emphasizes collaboration and connection over competition. In a learning-by-connecting environment, everyone is valued for their skills and encouraged to grow in their very personal direction. This type of learning can be seen as a response to the traditional corporate structure, which often rewards conformity over creativity.

Our people-centered digital platform makes it easy for distributed teams to connect and work together. It makes it intuitive to reach out for help and sets collaboration as a work standard. By doing so, we create a clear and realistic skill map that helps organisations identify areas of potential improvement.

We forge an organisational culture that values cooperation and encourages employees to reach their full potential. It’s about building relationships and sharing knowledge. And it’s about tapping into the collective intelligence of a group. This new approach has the potential to revolutionize the way we work, learn and grow.

A new world. A new look.

Mentessa is a modern dynamic brand, removing the barriers between logo, icon, static and dynamic visuals – just like our mission to remove barriers for learning and collaboration for everyone in the workplace #liquidorganization

A new world. A new look.

Our new logo. Is none.

As the world changes, so do our logo needs. Gone are the days when a single icon could capture all we stand for – today’s hyperdynamic environment demands that we stay adaptive and inclusive at once! Enter ‘none’. Our new logo is an ode to diversity; its many forms representing all the people who make up your company’s success story.

A logo for a hyperdynamic environment

The colors of the human workplace.

At its heart, our brand is about people and the interactions between them. Our colors reflect this, drawing inspiration from the diversity of our workforce. Our color palette is bold, bright, cheerful, and vibrant. It’s an important part of creating a distinctive and memorable brand and conveys a sense of fun and creativity.

The nicknames of our colors are yet another expression of the friendliness of our brand. They will help build an emotional connection with our stakeholders and come in handy when specific colors are being discussed.

The colors of the human workplace.

Join us for an exciting next era of learning at work!

At its core, Mentessa is about empowering people to do their best work. It creates a space for collaboration and mentorship, two essential ingredients for success. The platform makes it easy for newcomers to reach out for support and for experts to share their knowledge. This creates a comprehensive skill map that lets everyone find their place and achieve their potential. As a result, onboarding becomes an easy and fun process, and teams are able to level up in new and exciting ways.

You may regard Mentessa as a tool, but it is far more than that. It is the first step into a new learning culture, the foundation of a safe space where ideas can be exchanged without psychological distress, where people thrive, and questions are more than welcome. With the help of AI, Mentessa can match you with a mentor that can provide the right type of expertise and teach you the exact skills you need. In terms of design, it is human-centered, so the integration in the office routines happens swiftly. As a result, you get the best possible guidance, so you can feel confident that you are always learning and growing.

So why wait to bring your team back together? Encourage curiosity. Let people feel the power of connection. Promote diversity. Restore the true meaning of “growth” – it’s not about getting a higher rank or bigger title. It means: “Find your own goal, and we’ll accomplish it together.” Providing just rules for employees is not enough – give them opportunities to learn and share their knowledge with others.

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