How do I match members as an admin?

You can manually match members as an admin by clicking on “Match people” in your Matching tab under your settings.

There are different sources of matching on Mentessa. For example, members can be matched through rituals. Rituals are automated matching programs, where members get randomly matched or based on skills. Additionally, members can be matched through Self-Matching, where members send a match request for collaboration with other members.

Another way for matching is to manually match members, which is another feature of Self-Matching for admins. This feature consists of a manual introduction of members to each other.

How does it work?

Manually self-matching for admins consists of the following steps:

In order to match members go to your Community tab or click on the Matching tab in your settings area. Next, click on the button “Match people”, select two members to be matched and click on “Match”.

‍Once you have clicked on “Match”, a message for inviting newly matched members will be generated. You can customize the email content or send an automated message by clicking on “Send”.

‍In addition, you can always keep track of your matching history under the Matching tab in your settings area. There you can find your matching information (Member 1, Member 2, Matched by and Matching date).

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