How do I manage, deactivate, restore and delete members as an admin?

There are currently four options to manage a member’s role and status on Mentessa.

As an admin you have different options in the Members tab of your settings area. By clicking on the three dots icon under “Actions”, you will be able to see three options: manage roles, deactivate and delete members. In addition, you can restore members.

1. Manage roles

Once you have clicked on the three dots, you can select “Manage Roles” and change a member’s role to admin by selecting the button “Admin” and clicking on “Change Roles”.

2. Deactivate members

Another option that admins have is the ability to deactivate members. In order to deactivate members, click on the three dots and select  “Deactivate”. Next, type “DEACTIVATE” and select “Confirm Deactivation”. Members that are deactivated won’t be able to log into the platform, but their accounts can be restored later.

3. Restore members

In order to restore a member, click on the three dots and select the option “Restore” in your Member tab. Next, select “Restore user”. Don’t forget to reload the page to see the changes in the member status.

4.Delete members

Finally, you can delete members from your community as an admin. In order to do that, select “Delete user”, type “DELETE” and click on the button “Confirm Deletion”.

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