How do I invite new members?

There are four options for inviting members on Mentessa at the moment:


There are four options for inviting members on Mentessa at the moment: 

  • You can invite them all directly by email,
  • Create a non-personal magic link for sign-up,
  • Let Mentessa import your users or 
  • Integrate your enterprise system with Mentessa, so that your users can use it for signing on (e.g. Google Mail or Microsoft 365)

  1. By Email 

You can invite members to your community as an admin by clicking on the button “Add member” under the Member tab in your settings area. Once you have entered the user’s email and clicked “Add member”, a personal notification is sent to them by email to join Mentessa. With the invitation you can also determine a role for the member (e.g. admin or user). Finally, potential users need to accept the invitation. 

  1. Magic link 

In order to invite users as an admin with a magic link, go to your Invitations tab in your settings area and click on the button “Add invite”.
Next, create a new invitation link and assign it a name and the number of sign-ups you’d like to allow with it. This link expires after the entered number of usages. The next step is to copy the link by clicking on the files icon on the right. Then distribute the magic link for example through a newsletter. 

In order for potential users to register, they first need to click the link and enter their email address. They will get an email to confirm the email address entered in the previous step. Lastly, they need to click on the confirmation link and set a password.

  1. Import members

Mentessa also offers an option for enterprise customers for inviting members. You can invite new members by letting Mentessa import a list with all users to be invited. If you want to know more about this option contact us at‍

  1. Sign on with your preferred system 

Another way to invite members for enterprise customers is integrating Mentessa with the respective preferred system i.e. Outlook or Google Mail. In this sense, no registration is necessary, so new members can log into Mentessa with a preexisting personal account. In that case the admin only needs to distribute their custom Mentessa URL and inform their users about the existing integration in order to invite new users. 

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