From chat to story thanks to generative AI: Mentessa announces smart mentor at work

  • Mentessa wins the 2023 HR Tech Awards as a Best Culture Building Solution
  • The HR Tech Awards program, powered by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, recognizes HR technology companies that cater to the needs of a human-centered workplace. 
  • Distinguished by a rigorous judging process, the program features a panel of independent practitioners, peer reviews, and customer interviews.
  • Less than 1% of the HR technology solutions worldwide receive are acknowledged in the program 

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – May 24, 2023 – Lighthouse Research & Advisory unveiled the winners of the prestigious 2023 HR Tech Awards program in a livestream on LinkedIn at 11am Central time on Wednesday, May 24th.

The HR Tech Awards program, powered by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, recognizes HR technology companies from North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific that cater to the needs of a human-centered workplace. This initiative provides valuable peer-reviewed feedback and insights on technologies specifically designed to serve a better working world.

Distinguished by a rigorous judging process, the program features a panel of independent practitioners, consultants, and educators. The winners across various categories have been carefully selected based on their practical application in assisting existing customers with recruitment, development, and retention of talent. These technologies exhibit exceptional capabilities in facilitating intelligent decision-making and personalized actions.

Lighthouse Research & Advisory data reveals the existence of over 5,000 providers in the HR technology landscape, with new startups and innovators entering the industry on a daily basis. Only 1% of these firms were acknowledged in the HR Tech Awards program for their exemplary solutions that address their customers’ most pressing challenges.

Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “Over the past four years, numerous HR technology providers have vied for participation in the HR Tech Awards. Our esteemed judges strive to recognize technology solutions that have a tangible and measurable impact on employers. It is a pleasure to congratulate this year’s winners, who exemplify the very best offerings within the industry.”

During the livestream announcement, the award winners were recognized in the presence of the entire HR community, accompanied by commentary on the reasons for their selection. The categories span Talent Acquisition, Employee Experience, Talent Analytics, and more. Firms within these categories can receive honors for various specialized options, including Best Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise, Best Analytics and Business Impact Solution, Best DEI-Enabling Solution, among others.

George Rogers, Chief Culture Officer at Lighthouse, emphasized: “Traditional approaches to learning are too slow and disengaging, hindering innovation and productivity. Mentessa provides a solution to build a connected learning culture, increase employee engagement, and improve overall wellbeing.”

About Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Lighthouse Research & Advisory is a renowned research firm specializing in HR technology. With a focus on empowering employers and the workforce, Lighthouse provides invaluable insights and guidance to organizations seeking to leverage technology for their HR needs.

About Mentessa

Mentessa is a collaborative learning platform that enables more knowledge sharing and networking in hybrid organizations. The start-up from Munich has been committed to a silo-free corporate culture since 2019 by enabling employees to learn and work from and with one another. After only a year on the market, Mentessa had won a number of customers such as Deutsche Telekom, Linde and OTPbank, including internationally. More than 5000 people use Mentessa in different organizations and communities to find a mentor, advance their career or share their experiences. In addition to prominent networks and the media, Mentessa was recently recognized by NASDAQ for creating equal opportunity for all in the workplace.

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