Future of Work: How to Build a Connected Learning Culture? Berlin Edition

We're entering a new year and re-examining ways to build an engaging culture at the workplace. Join us in a panel talk in Berlin.

February 15, 2023
November 7, 2023

The last few years we have seen unprecedented changes to the way we work, including a pandemic, wars, an energy crisis, and mass layoffs. But with these changes, we've seen a global decline in employee engagement and productivity. So as we kick off 2023, we ask: how can we create an engaging culture in 2023?

Join us on Wednesday, 15 February 2023 at 6:00 pm for a panel discussion and networking event at Mindspace Kurfürstendamm. Not only will you walk away with tools and insights on how to develop and nurture your company culture from successful global brands, but will also meet people to expand your professional network. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

This event is part of our global roadshow, which started in San Francisco, and will continue with editions happening in Munich.

On the agenda

During this panel discussion and networking event, you will learn about:

Expected trends in 2023 as forecasted by industry experts from leading companies

How to increase engagement in a distributed workplace

Why creating an engaging culture that fits 2023 is imperative for overall success

Personal insight and experiences from industry experts

Opportunity to provide your own insight and ask questions to help you establish engagement and culture


Anastasia Barner - Founder of FeMentor

Anastasia Barner was one of the youngest female founders in Germany. In 2019 she founded the first reverse mentoring platform in Europa and helps companies understand the Generation Z. Currently she is writing her first book about startups.

Elli Wierczoch - Senior Manager for Culture, DE&I, and Future of Work at Zaland

Elli believes that companies can be drivers for a sustainable, meaningful, and progressive working world that balances planet, people, and profit. With her work, she contributes to creating and activating meaningful new working worlds, where people are at the center, organizational setups are cleverly supportive and corporate culture is lived and experienced.

Spending 6 years as a consultant around HR Transformation, Organizational Development, and New Work, she eventually ventured into a system and is now the Senior Manager for Culture, DEI and Future Work at Zalando, and creates people products to activate a great place to work. She guides teams, employees, and leaders to work effectively in these new environments.

Emre Celik - DEIfluencer, speaker, founder, and Employee Relations and Investigation Partner

Emre (they/them) is a multiple awarded (Face of the Future 2023, BusinessPunk, Top LGBTQIA+ Voice, Proud Game Changer) Non-Binary German-Turkish DEIfluencer, speaker, founder, Content Creator and works at Google as an Employee Relations and Investigation Partner. Emre's work is mainly focused on diversity, equality and inclusion as They wants to create a world where everyone belongs. They is a very well-read expert and a highly demanded speaker, as Emre combines strong business expertise with deep social and ethical knowledge.

Moderation & Host

Tina Ruseva - Founder & CEO Mentessa

Tina Ruseva is the founder & CEO of Mentessa, the future of work platform that helps everyone in the workforce to maximize their potential at work, and the Big & Growing New Work Festival, the biggest future of work conference in the DACH region. She is a social entrepreneur, actively engaging for diversity, empowerment, and inclusion ever since 2009, the mother of 2 girls, and the author of numerous articles and the book "Big Heart Ventures".

As a female founder, festival host, coach, public speaker, and author, she has inspired women and young entrepreneurs in Europe for mastering technology as means for social progress and innovation. She is an active mentor for women in STEM at the TU Munich, Technovation Girls, Techstars, Project Together, and frequently organizes local round tables and events for founders. She and her different initiatives have been awarded and featured numerous times by the press (Die Zeit, Financial Times, Deutsche Welle).

In 2019 she published her first book: “Big Heart Ventures: Purpose-driven Entrepreneurship for the Next Age of Technology” with the mission to inspire young founders for integrity and social entrepreneurship as a means to help tackle global challenges like climate change or the increasing inequality and digital divide.

This event is organized with the friendly support of Mentessa, the Big & Growing New Work Festival, and Mindspace. The event will be in English.

See you there!


18:00 - 18:30


18:30 - 19:30

Panel Discussion

19:30 - 19:50


19:50 - 21:30


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