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Want to develop your team's mentoring skills? This course will teach you everything you need to get started.

About this Masterclass 

Checking boxes, running processes, or climbing the career ladder – work doesn't have to be that way! The purpose of organizations is to bring people together, so they can learn from each other, grow, innovate, and solve meaningful problems. That's why mentoring is such an important part of the collaborative learning process. It's a way for leaders to share their knowledge and experience with others and to help them grow in their careers.

Skills that you will gain in this masterclass

Our free Mentoring Masterclass will teach you everything from how to get started to best practices for success as a mentor. You'll learn how to find mentees, build relationships with them, and create an effective mentoring plan. The course is also designed to help you become a better mentee, as we believe the learning process is truly never-ending.

So, whether you're starting out as a mentor or you're looking to sharpen your skills, this course is for you. Upon completion, you will receive a certification you can include on your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Who is this Mentoring Masterclass for?

We designed this Mentoring Masterclass for leaders in people operations who are looking to put in place a mentoring program. Plus, it’s beneficial to anyone interested in achieving more with fewer resources through collaborative learning.

What is included within the Mentoring Masterclass?

This free email course includes 5 main chapters, each covering different aspects of mentoring. You’ll learn about the history and benefits of mentoring, the different roles you can play as a mentor and a mentee, how to find a mentor or be one yourself, and more!

Become a certified mentor!

After you've completed this masterclass, you'll receive your personal expert certificate. You can add this to your CV or LinkedIn profile to show that you're an expert in mentoring.

Mentoring is one of the most powerful things you can do for your career. Enroll today and see the results for yourself.

Further questions

What is a Mentoring Masterclass?

A mentoring masterclass is a course where you can learn how to develop yours and your team's mentoring skills. You will learn how to develop as a mentor and how this role can help you in achieving success. We will advise you on how you can build up a network of mentees, improve your network and how to build a mentoring plan.

How to start the Mentoring Masterclass?

All you have to is sign up, and you will receive our email course in sequence. The course is free, and you can learn, when and where ever you like.

What do you hope to gain from a Mentoring Masterclass?

From a mentoring masterclass, you can gain valuable knowledge on all aspects of mentoring. Additionally, you will receive a certification, which you can use as a validation of your gained knowledge.

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