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Mentoring Checklist - A Guide for Mentors and Mentees

In this mentoring checklist, you will have access to all the questions to get you prepared for your first mentoring session.

Are you looking for a comprehensive mentoring checklist to help guide your mentoring program? Look no further! Our Mentoring Checklist covers all the essential elements for your first meeting as a Mentor and/or as a Mentee.

First, our checklist includes a section on your attitude towards mentoring. This ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of what mentoring is for them. Then another section is to set goals and what they hope to achieve through the mentoring relationship.

Next, we cover the importance of motivation and commitment. Why do you want to do mentoring and why you are committed to this cause?

Don't leave your mentoring program to chance - use our comprehensive Mentoring Checklist to ensure success for both the mentor and mentee. Download our checklist today and take the first step towards a successful mentoring meeting!

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