Who are the Bulgarian Women in Tech / Mentessa CEO Tina Ruseva featured among the 30 Female Founders from Bulgaria

June 20, 2022
July 11, 2022

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In the last three years, the SEE has seen an increase in the number of startups founded or co-founded by female entrepreneurs. Often associated with being a hub for emerging tech talents, SEE is less known for its high proportion of female tech leaders. Facts speak for themselves, back in 2016 Bulgaria ranked number 1 in female ICT specialists among all EU countries, as almost a third of all ICT talents in Bulgaria are female.  

Today, The Recursive takes a look at the Bulgarian women tackling various verticals with technology and business skills. Explore who are the women shaping up niches like MedTech, EduTech, FinTech, TravelTech, FashionTech, e-Commerce Tech, AI, Software, and GreenTech.

Below you will see 30+ women in tech in Bulgaria from around 10 different verticals. Find out what business problems the Bulgarian Women in Tech solve, what their journey has been like, and what are their plans for the upcoming year.  

Tina Ruseva is the co-founder and CEO of Mentessa (2019) – seed investment of €1M.

Mentessa is an AI platform for workplace collaboration that connects organizations for learning and collaboration based on skills. The platform empowers people at work to find and share skills with their community, not only communicate with each other. The startup aims to differentiate itself from the widely-used tool for decentralized collaboration Slack and develop a new way of collaboration that is more inclusive and purpose-driven.  

Goals for 2023: The company is currently trying to grow its team and plans to expand internationally. The team might build an engineering and product team in Bulgaria.

Learn more about all the other amazing Bulgarian women in tech in the original article.

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