Coding for Independence - Mentoring for girls in tech

Mentessa supports Female Tech Leaders in tech skills initiative for underprivileged minorities.

April 3, 2022
June 23, 2022
"Poverty is the greatest barrier for education"

#Mentessa is proud to support the social project "Coding for Independence" by Visions for Children e.V. and Learning Lions - led by Hila Safi and Julia Steffener, both Female Tech Leaders and trainees at Siemens.

Their mission is to support underprivileged minorities and improve their chances on the job market by building trust and confidence through education in IT-related topics.

Mentessa is happy to support the initiative with a community to enable matching and mentoring sessions with Kenyan female students. The organizers are currently collecting donations to purchase laptops for schools in Uganda to hold IT and programming courses.

You can support the initiative here: I want to donate

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