Mentessa selected as one of five finalists for Unleash World Startup Award

The purpose of organisations: We have been selected as one of five finalists for Unleash World Startup Award

October 12, 2022
October 12, 2022

Mentessa, the platform that connects organizations for learning and collaboration based on skills, has been chosen as one of five finalists for Unleash World Startup Award. The female-led startup Mentessa will be attending the world’s most influential Human Resources Conference in Paris from 12-13 October.

The Munich-based startup is rethinking organisations from teams and tasks towards networks of people with talents, flipping the paradigm of collaboration - from process to purpose, and from “one-to-many” communication to peer-to-peer exchange. On its mission to remove barriers to diversity and collaboration for everyone in the workplace, Mentessa takes a unique approach to social, without media: building a community with no content, ensuring authentic data, and inclusive collaboration across organizational boundaries.

Founded in 2019 by Tina Ruseva and Andrey Andreev, the German start-up closed its first VC round in February, raising 1M€ from Eleven Ventures. Next to media mentions in influential regional publications like the New Work Stories Podcast by XING, or Startup Valley, the startup has been endorsed by NASDAQ for creating equal opportunities in the workplace.

After securing a number of customers such as Deutsche Telekom, Linde, or OTPbank, spanning across several countries, the European startup is planning its international expansion to the US market with a SaaS Business model. More than 5000 people use Mentessa in different organizations and communities to find a mentor, advance their career, or share their experience.

Tina Ruseva, CEO and Founder at Mentessa, said,

"Work is really not about checking boxes, running processes, or climbing the hierarchy ladder. The purpose of organizations is to bring people together so they can solve meaningful problems, better and faster, learn from each other, grow, innovate, and create new opportunities.”

Andrey Andreev, CTO and Co-founder, said,

“Today’s organization requires every skill, every strength, every experience. As innovation happens at the intersection of different disciplines, removing information silos and barriers to collaboration is the only way to tap into the collective intelligence of the most intelligent species on Earth - us, and solve the global challenges ahead."

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